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Hiking in Norway - Lomsdal-Visten National Park

Lomsdal/Visten National Park (Njaarken vaarjelimmiedajve) offers many sightings, adventures and experiences. One of the highlights is Lomsdal in Velfjord, Brønnøy Municipality.

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    Siri Nepås
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LOMSDAL-VISTEN: After the boat transport from Nevernes we are at Storbørja. Ready for Lomsdalen.
  • LOMSDAL-VISTEN: After the boat transport from Nevernes we are at Storbørja. Ready for Lomsdalen.
  • Viewpoint with an old bench. Here is the last place on the trip where you have phone coverage.
  • At the start of the trip we cross the first of two suspension bridges
  • Before the ascent we pass an old house in beautiful autumn colours.
  • Info board for Strompdal Nature reserve
  • View towards Strompdal. In the background the tallest mountain in the area, Breivasstinden. (1224 m.)
  • The farm in Strompdal with the remnants of Knut Strompdal's botanical garden.
  • Inside the old house
  • View towards the river Lomselva and the plateu Medheia
  • Crossing the Bridge before ascent to Medheia
  • The river Lomselva
  • A look back at Strompdal
  • Almost at Medheia
  • Medheia
  • Countless ponds at Medheia
  • A quick detour to see the waterfall Medheiforsen
  • Further towards Lomsdalen"
  • To balance or to jump..that is the question
  • A privately owned cabin in Lomsdalen
  • Seating group by the cabin, idyllic scenery
  • Back in Storbørja, ordering boat transport back to Nevernes


Lomsdal-Visten National Park

Time spent: 8 hours total
Start: Boat from Nevernes
Lenght: app. 20 km.

Hike through Lomsdal -Visten National Park

How to get to Lomsdalen

This hiking destination can be perceived as challenging so we were both excited and a little bit anxious as we had decided to take the trip to Lomsdalen and back in one day. However, our worries turned out to be without reason.

If you come from afar, I recommend checking out accomodation in Velfjord. Nevernes is the gateway to the National Park. At Nevernes you will also find Nevernes Havn - Centre for Coastal Culture, with an exhibition dedicated to Lomsdal/Visten. The sidefjord Storbørja is where you start walking, and transportation by boat to Storbørja is necessary. The crossing takes about 20 minutes, and if you contact Nevernes Havn in advance they can help you organize boat transportation. It is also possible to rent a boat in Hommelstø at Velfjordferie or Fjordholt Feriehus. Boat from Hommelstø will take app. 20-30 minutes longer than from Nevernes.

Walking to Strompdalen

Right from the pier in Storbørja, you can easily follow a path on the right side of the river. The terrain is relatively easy (except for a short climb up to Nordmarka - before Sæterdalen). The path is easy to follow, at least to the old settlement at Strompdalen. We did the distance from Storbørja to Strompdalen in app. 1 1/2 hours. Strompdalen is an excellent place to take a break.

From Strompdalen the path continues behind the old house and the remains of Knut Strompdal's botanical garden. Pretty soon you will be able to see the river Lomselva and also Medheia, which is the beginning of Lomsdalen. A little bit further you meet the beautiful waterfall Breivassfossen and the river Breivasselva, which you must cross by walking across a suspension bridge. The female part of the delegation found this a little scary.

Medheia and Lomsdalen

From the bridge the tour continues along the river Lomselva. With the exception of a rocky area this part has very easy terrain. Then follows some steeper hills up to Medheia.

It takes about one hour to walk from Medheia to Lomsdalen. Despite the many small lakes the terrain is very easy. The path is not so visible at this point, but it is pretty obvious where you should go, and rows of stone markers also shows the direction the entire way. When you hear the noise of a waterfall it is strongly recommended to take a little detour from the path to see the mighty Medheia falls. Even with little water flowing in the rivers at the time, it was one of the highligts of this trip.

From the waterfalls of Medheia it is not far to the old farm in Lomsdalen. After 30 minutes you come to a private cabin with a cozy fireplace. An excellent place to make dinner before returning home. From the cabin it is only a 10 minutes walk to see what was once the farm in Lomsdal.

About the trip

Because of much time spent on photographing it took us almost 4 hours to Lomsdalen. For the trip back we turned up the pace a notch and spent app. three hours. There are so many impressions, and in my opinion the most beautiful scenery is in the fall. This trip took place in late September, just before the hunting season.